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Chaplain Jerry Schwartz has actively served in the West Chester Fire Department as chaplain for over 20 years, after a lifetime of service as a firefighter and captain in the Baltimore City Fire Department. Chaplain Schwartz carries a legacy of firefighting along with his father, a former Battalion Commander in Baltimore City, three brothers, and two nephews, who continue to serve in the Baltimore County Fire department.

Chaplain Schwartz is the Team Leader/Coordinator for the  Chester County Critical Incident Stress Management Team and is trained in critical incident debriefing.  He also actively responds to fire calls.  He has the privilege of officiating at all types of firefighter memorial services, building dedications, weddings and new apparatus housings.  He is available to assist firefighters or other emergency personnel and is available to other Fire Departments that have need of his unique experience as a professional fire officer and chaplain.

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Batallion Commander Fred R.Schwartz
1928-2006 (video)

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